Let your light shine.

Born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, I always knew I wanted to be either an actress or a singer. Imagine my delight when I found out you could actually do both at the same time. I performed in my first musical, Once Upon a Mattress in high school and played the role of Princess #12 (which is in fact a named role that has several lines that start the show- I just want to make sure we're all on the same page here). 

I am the oldest of four siblings. I am both fiercely loyal and stubborn (in a good way). I'm on the life long adventure of letting go of perfectionism- what is "correct" or "right" when it comes to art- and embracing the process, the journey, the in-between. 

My fun facts: I'm a dual citizen (Canada and America), I'm medically over-flexible (I once went to physical therapy and they told me I needed to actually be careful when I stretch), and my dream is to have some land and own a horse eventually (yes, I was that horse girl in elementary school).

My hobbies include struggling to break my mild caffeine addiction, growing my collection of bridesmaid dresses as the list of my best friends who are getting married progressively increases in length, and traveling the world. 


A glimpse of my personality: As I was traveling to Paris last summer, I agreed to take a later flight that left the next day because my planned airplane was severely overbooked. Delta was offering a $2,500 voucher for anyone that was willing to make the switch. To this day, I don't know what exactly came over me, but I sauntered away from my open-mouthed friends, marched up to the counter, looked at the employee, and said, "I'll do it for 3." He looked at me, eyes wide, and agreed. Five minutes later, I was holding a $3,000 flight voucher to be used for future trips all over the world. And that, ladies and gentleman, is how you travel for free.

I love theatre- I am passionate about my craft and thoroughly enjoy learning more each day about all the different aspects of what I do. I consider myself so blessed to be able to pursue what I love as a career. But even more than that, I am passionate about people. I'm a relationship person, an extrovert who thoroughly enjoys loving on people and getting to know the casts I work with. I strive to shine a light, to be a positive impact, and to influence those around me for the better.